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急:請問有無一些軟件用來加密手指(removable disk)?


請問有無一些軟件用來加密手指(removable disk)?

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    Paragon Encrypted Disk 3.0

    Protect private and sensitive data from potential unauthorized access.

    StorageCrypt 128bits 2.0.1

    Encrypt removable drive and usb flash memory drive in few seconds

    Dekart Private Disk 2.09

    Powerful, reliable and flexible disk encryption program for Windows.

    Backup2007 Synchronizer 6.1.304

    Synchronizes computers, disk, folders using copy, encryption, compression.

    Lockngo 2.5

    Encrypts and password protect flash drives, portable drives and removable disks.

    Virtual Flash Drive 2.0

    Real powerful plug and play,virtual scsi encrypted disk,one click.

    Drive Encryption 3.149

    Encrypt or decrypt Flash USB memory or fixed drive, protect privacy and data.

    PS. 宜傢有好多牌子嘅特別手指都附帶加密軟件,不過價錢較普通手指貴少少,你去黃金睇睇啦。

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