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what is the function of the fire safety managment?

I want to know the function of fire safety managment & Inadequacy of the system ......

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  • Jerry
    Lv 6
    1 十年前

    Fire Safety Management offers help in the following areas:

    Businesses (as required by OSHA)

    Design of continuity and emergency action plans

    Preparation of evacuation plans

    Preparation of emergency management action plans

    Conduct fire drills for your employees

    Train employees in extinguisher operation and emergency situations

    Home Owners

    This annual "check-up" can be the difference between being fire safe or a fire statistic.

    Provide for an annual home inspection

    Preparation and review of an evacuation plan for your family

    Installation and maintenance of smoke and/or carbon monoxide alarms

    Hotels, Motels, and Inns

    Conduct a familiarization visit of your structure with the local fire department

    Analyze your business in relation with NFPA code compliance (It is the owner's responsibility to comply with the appropriate NFPA code.)

    Training of employees in emergency procedures

    Designs of emergency action plans

    Preparation of evacuation plans

    Preparation of emergency management action plans

    Design of accountability plans for employees and guests

    Emergency Operations Planning

    Federal law requires that emergency operations plans be up to date and in effect for all cities, towns and villages.

    Provisions for a comprehensive emergency operations plan

    Haz-mat analysis of all businesses

    Public safety infrastructure analysis

    Planning for evacuation and shelter

    Coordination of communications with all necessary agencies

    Collaboration with the Red Cross and other State and local authorities


    Training of faculty and staff in evacuation procedures

    Conduct, maintain records of and critique fire drills

    Analyze your labs to identify any hazardous materials and insure their safe handling and storage

    Thoroughly inspect all dorms and off campus housing for code compliance and fire safety

    Insure all alarm systems are code compliant and connected with a central station

    Rental Properties

    Safety inspections and documentation needed to fulfill owner requirements for renter safety and owner liability protection

    Provide for the property owner(s) an annual inspection of their rental properties

    Provide and document an annual smoke detector test and/or placement

    Preparation of evacuation plans for owner/renters

    Fire Department Training

    We have over 31 years experience in the fire service

    Training for officers and members

    Fire ground tactical training

    Fire prevention training

    Haz-mat training

    Access to NFPA training aids

    Utilization of experienced firefighter trainers

    "Hands on" drill scenarios

    Single drills or a package of drills tailored to the needs of your department

    Conduct assessment center for the hiring of new personnel

    ISO rating analysis and action plan