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Cathay Pacific Aircraft

I want to ask which aircraft CX USUALLY uses on the following route:

HKG-FCO (744) CX293

CDG-HKG (34C) CX262

LHR-HKG (34C) CX254

LHR-HKG (346) CX254

Are these aircrafy new and have PTV controller? Are there major differences between Cx346 and other aircrafts?

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    First, Cathay Pacific has three A340-600(code:346), usually they will operate between New York(JFK) and Hong Kong(HKG), and one of them will operate other routes, such as London flight and Sydney flight...A340-600 started service in 2002, so they are very new. Also, all of them has outside aircraft cameras (in the tail wing and gear), passengers even can watch taking off and landing from their PTVs.Unfortunately, these jet equipments will be returned while new B777-300ER(77W) arrive. (But other info said, A340-600 will serve in Toronto non-stop flight instead of current A340-300 aircraft)

    Second, CX has four daily flights to London(LHR), two are operated by Boeing747-400(744), and other two by A340-300.There are two types of A340-300, 34C and 34D. 34Cs have three classes seat divisions(First/Business/Economic), while 34Ds just have two classes(Business/Economic).Thus,34Ds have more capacity of passengers (about 280).CX has one daily flight to San Fransico(FCO),operated by B747-400.Normally,CX has one daily flight to Paris(CDG), operated by B747-400 as well, but in some high seasons, company will operate extra flight (around 4-5 flights a week) by using A340-300 (either 34C or 34D).

    Third, CX is one of the airlines have PTVs in all seats in the world.There are 21 B747-400 fleets in the company, some are 15-year-old, but some are less than 5-year-old.They are randomly operated.A340-300 fleets have the same issue. In the future, some old-aged long-haul fleets will be substituted by new B777-300ER.

    資料來源: I generated info from CX websites and other related sites