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toy poodle/miniature poodle

actually how to differentiate between toy poodle or miniature poodle when the poodle is still small....

they look similar,any way to find out which type they ar?

thx for replying

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  • 1 十年 前

    you can differentiate them by their feet size.

    toy poodle's foot is smaller than miniature poodle.

    because bigger dogs have bigger feet size.

    and their skull size, also bigger dogs have bigger skull size.

    and if they are in the same age, you can also differentiate by their size, you can find out the difference.

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  • 1 十年 前

    係bb既時候基本上係好難分得出來的, 如果唔係市面上點會咁多人買左反去屋企等到大左先知道係miniature poodle呢

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