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how to do good spring roll ( part 2)

Is there any secret in wraping and deep-frying to make a good spring rolls?

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    I don't know whether this is a secret or not, but I think the wrappers play an important role, too. In where I live, there are four different sizes of wrappers.

    1. round ( 8-10" in diameter)

    2. square (21.5 x 21.5 cm.)

    3. square (6 inches)

    4. square (5 inches)

    My favourite one is the 6-inch size, because I just tried all four sizes. I fopund the first two are too big, unless you want to make them for business. The last one is too small, you can't really put much ingredients in your spring roll. So the third one is the perfect size for snacks, you can call it finger food. My family likes the way I made spring rolls, because I put lots of ingredients in the wrappers, and roll it not too tight, becasue if you roll too tight, after you deep fried it, the wrappers inside will either stick together or broken, then you can't feel the crispy outside, and the chewy and fluffy inside. (sorry I don't think I know how to describe what I want to say) Hope you understand.

    My methods to roll spring rolls are: place the wrapper diagonally, put the ingredient about 2" from the bottom corner. First fold the bottom corner onto the ingredient, then fold in both `left and right' corners, and keep on rolling gently to the `top' corner, and brush a little bit of egg at the corner, to make sure it 's `stick' together.

    For deep-frying:

    Heat the oil, when you think the oil is going to boil, about 70%-80%, DON'T wait until the oil boiled, because the spring rolls will be burned. If you want to try whether the oil is ready or not you can get a tiny piece of wrapper and drop it in, if it `floats' to the top right away, that means the oil is ready, and you can put your spring rolls in, deep-fried them until they started to change to light-brown colour, then you can take them out. DON'T wait until they are golden brown in the oil, because if you do, the spring rolls will be over-cooked after you take out. Because when you see them light-brown in the oil, they will turn golden brown when they cooled off.