What is Artids?

What is Arides(a/an/the)?

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    部分冠詞(例如法語中的du/de la)用來表示這個冠詞後面的名詞的量是不確定的。


    An article is usually a word that is next to a noun or any word that modifies a noun to indicate the type of reference being made by the noun.[1]

    Articles can have various functions[2]

    a definite article (English the) is used before singular and plural nouns that refer to a particular member of a group. (The cat on the mat is black.)

    an indefinite article (English a, an) is used before singular nouns that refer to any member of a group. (A cat is a mammal).

    a partitive article indicates an indefinite quantity of a mass noun; there is no partitive article in English, though the words some or any often have that function. An example is French du / de la / des, as in Voulez-vous du café ? ("Do you want some coffee?" or "Do you want coffee?")

    a zero article is the absence of an article (e.g. English indefinite plural), used in some languages in contrast with the presence of one. Linguists hypothesize the absence as a zero article based on the X-bar theory.