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Neep help with this translation

Is there any lost in translation between the original



”Even many young demimondaine in the colourful (nightlife) industry are called (forename)”?

If so, what would the new English transation be?

Thanks in advance!



a. Here ”colourful industry” can denote anything underground (or near-underground), and includes all aspects of nightlife business (nightclubs, bars, escort services, whoredom etc.); (see next addendum)

更新 2:


b. ”Demimondaine” means whore, or to be more precise in this case, any young girl in the aforementioned fields on the verge of committing the dirtier business.

Also, I require the English translation to be a bit vague and not exactly to-the-point. (see next addendum)

更新 3:


So, should the souped-up version be:

”Many young demimondaine operating in the colourful night-time business are called (forename)”?

Or, do you have newer suggestions rather than your original one, which sounds a bit too acute? Please advise!

更新 4:


Or maybe the translation should be,

”Those young demimondaine operating in the colourful night-time business are often called (forename)”?

Kindly advise!

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    My understanding of the sentence 「水商売のお姉ちゃん達も(forename)って多いね」 is as follows: -

    Gals who runs a business of nightclub are often named (forename)

    「水商売」(みずしょうばい,Romaji: mi zu shou bai) in Japanese means an uncertain/chancy trade, or restaurant/bar/nightclub business nowadays, while 「水商売の女」(みずしょうばいのおんな,Romaji: mi zu shou bai no on na) means 〝bar girl〞or 〝prostitute〞in Japanese.

    Hope this will help!

    2007-03-09 23:40:18 補充:

    I think the term 「水商売」is quite a tricky one here in this sentence. According to Jap. Wikipedia, the definition of 「水商売」in Japanese is as follows: -

    2007-03-09 23:40:41 補充:

    Trade which depends mainly on uncertain or chancy conditions like customers' taste, popularity, business luck and appeal.

    2007-03-09 23:40:57 補充:

    In Japan, business which are considered as 「水商売」 includes entertainment showbiz like sumo, kabuki, gisha, dramas, restaurants which sells alcoholic liquors [including cafés, coffee house/bar, restaurants, Japanese bars (i.e. izakaya), bars, nightclubs] and whorehouses.

    2007-03-09 23:54:47 補充:

    Nowadays, however, an ambiguous meaning as "Trade related to restaurants (which alcoholic liquors are served) or all kinds of nightlife business" is defined.

    2007-03-09 23:55:13 補充:

    So I think simply translate the word 「水商売」as "colourful industry" and the phase「水商売の姉ちゃん達」as "demimondaines" may not be appropriate since these terms only related to nightlife business, and doesn't contain the other meaning of 「水商売」- Restaurant business!

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    Very impressive, what more can I say?