About buying notebook!!!

Considering buying notebook & want brand Fujitsu, Toshiba, NEC and Compaq.

Which is better the brand name?

I heard Samsung easily broken, true? How about LG?

I want a notebook less than 2kg...Any advice?

Is there a big different between Centrino Duo and Centrino 2 Duo??? (Must Answer)

How come Home basic Vista is cheaper? Is it good to use the new OS?? Or use the old one? Will there also have microsoft office? How about XP Pro or Home? (Must Answer)

Budget Less than 13000


How about ASUS????

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  • 1 十年前

    1. Fujitsu is the best, but it's the most expensive.

    2. Compaq combines with HP now, and I have just bought a HP notebook, it's quite good and not expensive.

    3. it's difficult to find a notebook less than 2 kg, otherwise the monitor will be very small. Mine is 2.5kg

    4. Centrino 2 Duo is much faster than Centrino Duo. e.g. if it's centrino 2 duo 100 and centrino duo 100, then centrino 2 duo 100 is twice the speed of centrino duo 100

    5. better advice is wait for the feedback about vista first. the hardware requirement will normally be higher for a new os.

    6. it's heard that there's microsoft office for vista, I have used it once, it's very convenient and user friendly

    7. if you can wait until sept, and you have friends studying in university, then you can wait for the promotion in sept, e.g. a fujitsu $20,000 can be discounted to $11,000, my sister bought 1 last year.

    資料來源: myself and my colleagues in IT
  • 1 十年前

    如果買部Core 2 Duo計算...

    Fujitsu => 唔錯,不過幾貴下,> $12k

    Toshiba, NEC => 一般,雖然唔係特別貴,亦唔係特別好,around 11k

    建議買Compaq 或ASUS,價錢9k 到喇,各方面都算唔錯

    我之前都用samsung,我都覺得易爛,我果個隻角爛左 >.<

    如果你做普通野Core Duo 同Core 2 Duo 差唔遠,所以睇價錢做人喇.....

    如果夠RAM 既(有2GB),vista 係唔錯既選擇,如果唔夠ram 就咪搞喇。MS Office 要自己買既﹛而家最新2007 version,佢分左好多version,主要睇下你駛唔駛用Access, publisher, infopath.... etc。你可以自己睇下


    2007-03-06 01:26:21 補充:

    回應返tweety20050208,冇office for vista 既最新既office 2007 o係winxp or vista 都行得。

  • anne
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    1 十年前

    the most important part is the cooling system. if the machine is over heated its life time

    will cut short. that is how mine died. ASUS is good and cheap. Toshiba is good also

    Sony too expensive

    2007-03-06 00:48:53 補充:

    Compaq no good