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請大家記緊圈著這個日子:2036年4月13日。當天,人類將會受到嚴重威脅,因為一顆小行星 到時會非常接近地球,可能會在地球的旁邊擦過。一群太空人、工程人員和科學家公開呼籲聯合國 承擔責任,進行一次太空任務,想辦法化解這場危機,拯救全人類。 據美國傳媒報道,天文學家現正密切監察著那顆名叫「Apophis」的小行星。他們相信,它正面撞擊地球的可能性是4.5萬分之一。 這群太空人、科學家上周末在三藩市出席一個會議,討論小行星對地球的威脅時,發出上述警告,同時討論人類可以採取甚麼方法,避免大災難發生。 1969年3月有份參與「太陽神九號」任務環繞地球運行的前太空人施韋卡特說:「我們不單只監察『Apophis』。地球上每一個國家和地區都要面對危險。我們有必要制訂一套準則,應付這個問題。」


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    The scientist implores the association national defense in 2036 the planetoid to hit the Earth to ask everybody to record this day: On April 13, 2036. Same day, the humanity will be able to receive the serious threat, because a planetoid at the appointed time will be able extremely to approach the Earth, possibly will be able to scratch in Earth's side. Group of spacemen, the project personnel and the scientist publicly appealed the United Nations undertakes the responsibility, carries on a time of outer space task, tries to find solution to melt this crisis, saves universe. According to the American media reported that, the astronomer right now closely supervises that name calls "Apophis" the planetoid. They believed that, it directly hits Earth the possibility is 4.5 extremely one. This group of spaceman, the scientist last week end attended a conference when San Francisco, the discussion planetoid to Earth's threat, sends out the above warning, what method simultaneously discussed the humanity to be allowed to adopt, avoided the big disaster occurring. In March, 1969 had a participation "sun god nine" the duty to surround the front spaceman which the Earth moved 施韋卡特 to say that, "Our not single supervision" Apophis ". On the Earth each country and the area all must face the danger. We have the necessity to draw up set of criteria, deals with this question."

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