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How to copy a Audio CD

How to copy an Audio CD through Note book and this CD can be enjoy at CD Player or inside at Vehicle CD Player? Not MP3.

Now I can make copy but only can play at player with MP3 listening function only.


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  • Icarus
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    First of all, a health warning reminder: copying audio CDs may infringe the copyrights of copyright owners. Handle it with care.

    You cannot copy an audio CD directly. It is a kind of copyright protection measure. You need a ripper to rip the CD. Here are the procedures:

    Download a CD ripper (there is a lot of free CD rippers in the market, even iTune can rip a CD). Popular CD ripper include itune, cdEX, etc.

    Copy files (songs) from the CD into a designated folder on your hard disk using the CD ripper, save them as WAV format. For every CD ripper, there is a function where you can choose to which format you want your songs to be ripped. WAV format is the orgininal format of audio CDs.

    Use CD/DVD burning software like Nero, Window Media Player, or even the CD burning software which comes along with your CD-R/W drive. Select burn an audio CD. Usually there is CD burning wizard to help you going through the steps. Add the songs you have ripped in the designatged folder of your hard disk to the list of songs to be burnt. After finishing your selection, you can start burning the CD. This step is important. Don't just burn the CD-R as data disc. You have to select burn an audio CD.

    Once the burning of the CD-R is finished, you can put the CD-R into any CD player, notebook to play.