About Ocean Park n Disneyland ( Quick......15points!!!!! )

1. Who set up Ocean Park?

2. What new development in Ocean Park n Disneyland will have in the near future??

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    Ocean Park:

    The park was built with donations from the Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club (now Hong Kong Jockey Club) and opened on 10 January 1977. The park is operated by Ocean Park Corporation, which is a statutory board.

    Ocean Park announced a redevelopment master plan to redevelop the park into the world's best marine-based theme park, doubling the amount of attractions and firmly establishing itself as a world-class, must-see destination that will further strengthen Hong Kong as a premier tourist destination. In the next few years HK$ 5.55 billion will be spent on refurbishing Ocean Park with over 100 new rides being installed so that it can compete with Disneyland. In the last few years the Middle Kingdom, the portion of the park that features re-creations of ancient China, has been renovated.

    The new Ocean Park will be divided into two major areas - The Waterfront (formerly the Lowland) and The Summit (formerly the Headland). The park will be expanded to almost twice its current size and new attractions will be added including a funicular train for transport from The Waterfront to The Summit, several new live animal shows and an area featuring polar animals.

    Ocean Park also announced that there will also be an MTR station on the South Island Line that will link the current subway system with Ocean Park and the south of Hong Kong Island. This project will therefore relieve the traffic of Aberdeen Tunnel.

    The first attraction to be opened is the Sky Fair with all kinds of balloons for tourists to fly.

    I can't find the future development of disneyland, but if you want other info about it, you can go to wikipedia to search.

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