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ranch dressing或 honey musted dressing 點做??

我想HOMEMAKE沙律醬, 因為自己可以選擇油的分量

ranch dressing或 honey musted dressing 點做??

我試過上網睇, 有d不是太正宗~~



是honey mustard dressing

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    Home made dressing is good. It is fresh and you can make it to your taste. I make my own all the time.

    The most important thing is to use the good oil. I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The good one has nutty flavour and fresh.

    For honey mustard dressing, you will need

    1. Honey (1 part)

    2. Mustard (1 part)

    3. Olive Oil (2 parts)

    4. Lemon Juice (1 part or less) - if you dont have lemon juice, use vinegar.

    5. Salt (little bit)

    6. Black Pepper (little bit)

    This is a combination I would use. You can vary it to your taste. Mix it well.

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    I will try.

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    95g yonurt

    100g mayonnasie

    2 tablespoon buttermilk

    1 small onion grated finely

    1 clove garlic crushed

    1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh chines