9/11 is the new Pearl Harbor?

The terrorist attack on September 11 have frequently been analogized to Pearl Harbor.

How can 9/11 be considered as the new Pearl Harbor? What are some of the similarities they share?

Did both president have the intension to start a war before the attack?

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  • 1 十年前

    Although both attacks were astonishingly successful, they were basically different.

    The Pearl Harbour attack was that Japanese Army worried that American would intercept their invasion to China, so gave them a sudden strike to ruin the US Pacific Fleet. Unfortunately, aircraft carriers Enterprise and Hornet were late for Hawaii, Yorktown experienced minor damage that they destroyed the 4 aircraft carriers of the First Aircraft Carrier Fleet of Japan. The Japanese Combined Fleet was then moving to its end. In fact, US government has no intention to intervene Japan's military action in Asia as she was too concentrated on European wars against Nazi. But Japan's attack really made the American angry that they determined to engage in the Asian battlefield.

    For 911, it was a well planned project that the attack was carried out inside USA. 911 destroyed the WTC towers, 311 caused deadful attack to Spanish railway system, and the last should be 611 which was withdrawn because the key terrorists were arrested. If the whole plan was successful, 311, 611 and 911 will be 3 black days of each year to the western countries including Italy, United Kingdom and Australia, that their citizens would be frightened to be tough against terrorists and stay away from USA. The action aimed to break the alliance of the US camp. US president George Bush knew nothing about the attack but the CIA in fact had probed the plan of the strike earlier but without notifying the president.