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do parent like superheros?give 3 reasons. 300words.urgenting


can you help me to prapare my oral tomorrrow?

I need to write an article about parent like superheros?give 3 reasons,it should be about 300words.

I have some points,such as parents are making painstaking to take care of us night and day.there seem to be superheros. they have many energies.

plx help me if you are free.There is 40 marks to the best answerer.thx a lot.

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    parents are superheros (for)

    1.The mother gives birth to the baby,which is life-risking and brave. The father (therorically) take care of the mother and the baby, who is to fulfill the duty of a father and the leader of a family.Family, somehow is a burden financially and psychologically.

    2.They save money for the baby. The famous athlete Li Lai Shan have mentioned in a TV Ad that raising up a child cost about 4 millions.Wow, what a big number, not to mention those families with two or more kids! As for this, they give up their own needs to give the best for their child.What a sacrifice!

    3.Parents always want their children to be a genius. They try every way to cultivate them into some talents or experts.They always think about it, plan for it and guide them to learn and grow. A chinese saying is good to describe this," Raisng up a child for 100 years with 99 years worrying about him".

    Hope these would help you!

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