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    Shatin was know as "Lek Yuen" in the past, a name believed to relate to "clear river" in local language, possibly referring the the Shing Mun River that cut through the area. The area had an even older name knonw as "Kek Yuen", meaning "place of thorns".

    Human settlement in Shatin dates back to Ming Dynasty or even earlier. With supply of fresh water from the rivers, most inhabitants were farmers. The Shatin pomelo used to be a famous kind of produce, though the fruit is no longer grown there due to change in mode of living.

    In 1574, the Tai Wai Village was formed in the area now known as Tai Wai. Small villages, like Shan Ha Wai, Siu Lek Yuen, and Shatin Wai, were also formed, dotting the both sides of Shing Mun River. In the old days, the estuary of Shing Mun River was in somewhere now known as Lion Bridge, while further northeast to it was the Shatin Sea. The place now know as Yuen Chau Kok today used to be an islet offshore.

    During the Qing Dynasty, the 40 or more villages in Shatin formed into 9 "Yeuk"s (lots") to set up a local security systems.

    When the British took over the New Territories, offiers mistook "Shatin Wai Village" as the name of a larger area. Since then, the district has been named Shatin.

    In 1911, the Kowloon-Canton Raily was open. There was a railway station in Shatin. In 1937, huge tidal waves up to 6 meters were caused by typhoon, flooding large area of land near Tolo Harbour and Shatin Sea and causing heavy casualties.

    From 1950, the farmland near the Shatin Railway Station, an area now known as New Town Plaza, started to develop into a market place. A new market place was completed in 1956, until devastating typhoon "Wanda" of 1962 caused havoc on it as well as the nearby Shatin airport.

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    不知道為可所有 shatin 都 變成亂碼 xxxxin

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    怱忙打錯很多字, 矯正:Shatin was known (not know) as "Lek Yuen" in the past....... even older name known (not knonw) as Kek Yuen.....In 1574........ The place now known (not know) as Yuen Chau Kok today was an islet offshore.

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    During the Qing Dynasty, ...... a local security system (not systems)When the British....... the officer (not offier) mistook.......

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