Everyone can answer this , and please answer this~~

I'm a Catholic...

But now I'm very confuse about myself ...

I always go to the mass on Sunday and listen to the father or the beadle to talk about the bible that day , and most of the time I thought that they are right.

Question is below:


But sometimes I just have a different idea or I questioned what they were talking about during the discourse . Such like there was one time when a beadle talking about The Old Testament , I had a different idea that was going to against what he said...

更新 2:

Anyway , Is that I'm wrong to do that? And is that not a good sign in my soul that I'm now betraying god? Is that I should stop that kind of ideas? Please help~~

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But I can't accept the radical view of those christian church also~~

And I love my Church~~

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    My dear friend,

    If you have a different idea with the homilies or sermons in the sunday liturgies, it is perfectly normal. Most of the time the priests or deacons are giving "reflections" on the bible readings and not "explaination" nor "interpreation". Reflections can be more personal; explaination and interpretation are more on the dogmatic, academnic, moral-teaching and educational sides. Your own idea is also a kind of reflection.

    I do have to admit some priests are giving poorly prepared sermons and can arouse negative feedback.

    Therefore, you are not betraying God. On the very opposite, you are longing for the truth, that means you are hunger for God Himself. There is no sin at all, instead, it is a virtue.

    If you like, you can call up a priest, deacon or anyone in the Catholic Church that you can trust, and kindly share your views on the bible readings with them in personal interviews. It will enrich your faith. Or there maybe "Bible-sharing" groups in your parish, give them a trial. God bless!

    資料來源: I am a Catholc priest who is working in a parish in Hong Kong
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