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唔該幫我做呢本(A CHRISTMAS CAROL)嘅英文讀書報告(300字以上)

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  • 1 十年前

    A Christmas Carol

    A Christmas Carol is more a Christmas carol. Christmas Carols are deemed to be an indispensable component for Christmas to spread joy and hope in general. However, does anyone ever imagine that there is such a powerful Christmas carol in the world that can radically alter a callous man from loathing the world to enjoying the world, from ignoring people to loving people? The Christmas Carol written by Charles Dickens will give an attestation to show that it is not a whim.

    This book revolves around a nonchalant and stern businessman called Ebenezer Scrooge who was regarded as a formidable creature in people’s eyes. Such being the case, nobody dared to greet him; no beggars dared to implore him to bestow a trifle; even the blind men’s dogs were panicked and tried to shun whenever and wherever they came across him. Nevertheless, there were two passionate men who were dauntless enough to approach him. One of them was his nephew called Fred who kept inviting him to his Christmas party every year despite rejections while the other was his clerk called Robert Cratchit who eked out a meager existence but was submissive to him in spite of his stinginess and harshness.

    Miraculously, the unbreakable “ice” eventually “melted” due to the apparition of Mr Scrooge’s dead old friend, Jacob Marley, who brought him 3 Spirits one night on Christmas Eve: the Ghost of Christmas Past, the Ghost of Christmas Present and the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come. Each Spirit taught him a different lesson: the Ghost of Christmas Past brought him back to the place where he was born to remind him of his lonely childhood, which made him miserable. Then he was brought to Fezziwig’s warehouse in where he used to be apprenticed and found out how nice Fezziwig had treated his apprentices. He felt ashamed having been ill-using poor Mr. Cratchit. The Ghost of Christmas Present showed him the way the Cratchit felt content and grateful with what they had despite poverty. The Spirit also brought him to Fed’s house which was full of fun and merriment. It told him that Christmas was such a festive moment for enjoyment. The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come presented the impassive attitude of people towards his death and the fact about his property being despoiled by wicked people after his death. He was petrified and besought the Spirit to give him a chance to a new life when he found a grave with his name craved on. He was penitent having fully focused on his work instead of admiring the things and people around him when he was alive.

    The Christmas Carol came to an end once Mr Scrooge woke up. The dream had given him a hard whack that mellowed him. The brand new Mr. Scrooge now was full of gay, love, mercy, benevolence and forbearance: he sent a big turkey to the Cratchit; donated money to the needy; patted children on their heads tenderly; questioned beggars heartily; admired whatever he saw; visited his nephew and promised to raise poor Cratchit’s salary as well as concern about Mr. Cratchit’s plight.

    The story is engrossing due to the presence of the specters that helps to create a mysterious atmosphere, together with a series of unexpected upshots, which succeed in arousing readers’ interest and curiosity. Besides, the theme of the story is meaningful and inspiring. There are two characters in the story, Mr. Scrooge and Mr. Cratchit. Their attitude towards life impresses me deeply because it causes me to meditate the meaning of life and the way to deal with life.

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