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weng si 發問於 科學及數學地理學 · 1 十年前



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    阿爾薩斯 - Alsace (Alsatian and German: Elsass, pre-1996 German: Elsaß) is one of the 26 régions of France, located on the eastern border of France, on the west bank of the Upper Rhine, adjacent to Germany and Switzerland. Its capital and largest city is Strasbourg. The official and common language is French, not German or Alsatian language.


    A wine-producing région, Alsace wines are primarily white. Its wines, which have a strong Germanic influence, are called vins d'Alsace. It produces some of the world's most noted dry rieslings and is the only région in France to produce mostly varietal wines identified by the names of the grapes used (wine from Burgundy is also mainly varietal, but not normally identified as such), typically from grapes also used in Germany.

    Alsace is also the main beer-producing région of France, thanks primarily to breweries in and near Strasbourg. These include those of Kronenbourg, Fischer, Heineken, Météor, and Kanterbräu. Hops are grown in Kochersberg and in northern Alsace. Schnapps is also traditionally made in Alsace, but it is in decline because home distillers are becoming less common and the consumption of traditional, strong, alcoholic beverages is decreasing.


    洛林 - Lorraine (German: Lothringen) is one of the 26 régions of France. Its two main cities are Metz (administrative capital) and Nancy (historical capital). The region's name is derived from the medieval Lotharingia.


    Wine The most well-known wine of the region is the pinot noir of Toul. There are vineyards in the valley of the Moselle, the valley of Seille, the valley of Metz, and the valley of Sierck.

    Beer Historically, Lorraine was the location of many breweries, including the Champigneulles, Vézelise, Tantonville, Ligny-In-Barrois, and Metz.

    Today, these breweries have closed down, but there are still breweries operating in the region, including Les Brasseurs de Lorraine in Pont-à-Mousson.


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    阿爾薩斯(Région Alsace)是法國東部一個地區的名稱,它被萊茵河南北分開成兩個部份:北部的下萊茵省和南部的上萊茵省。在17世紀以前屬於神聖羅馬帝國的領土,以說德語的居民為主,後成為哈布斯堡家族統治的領地,三十年戰爭後根據威斯伐倫和約割讓給法國(首府斯特拉斯堡到路易十四時代才被法國吞併)。長時期里當地居民不斷抵製法國統治者強加於他們的語言與習俗。它和洛林都在普法戰爭後割讓給普魯士,一戰結束後屬法國領土,二戰初期重歸納粹德國,至二戰結束再次被法國奪回。阿爾薩斯和洛琳一樣都是德國白酒的著名產地,當地生產的白酒都以德國命名方式命名。


    洛林(法文:Lorraine)是法國東北部一個大區的名稱,北鄰比利時、盧森堡及德國。下轄默爾特-摩澤爾省、默茲省、摩澤爾省、孚日省。首府梅斯。省府為南希(331 000人, 3大學 :南希1、南希2、INPL)。

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