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英文歌曲(Whitney Houston)

Whitney Houston有D咩好聽嘅歌

3 個解答

  • 1 十年前

    .You Give Good Love

    2.Saving All My Love For You

    3.Greatest Love Of All

    4.All At Once

    5.If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful(With Jermaine Jackson)

    6.Didn't We Almost Have It All

    7.Where Do Broken Hearts Go

    8.All The Man That I Need

    9.Run To You

    10.I Have Nothing

    11.I Will Always Love You

    12.Exhale(Shoop Shoop)

    13.Why Does It Hurt So Bad

    14.I Believe In You And Me

    15.Heartbreak Hotel(Feat. Faith Evans And Kelly Price)

    16.My Love Is Your Love

    17.Same Script,Different Cast(Duet With Deborah Cox)

    18.Could I Have This Kiss Forever(Remix)


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  • 1 十年前

    I will always love you

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  • 1 十年前

    i will always love you

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