BMW 528i pump into the road fence, how much for the repair?

I got a BMW528i (1997) and was just pumped into the road fence. luckily my speed was very slow at that time ( I was turning). the front side cover was deformed, the front bumper (one side was deformed). only the cover was a bit deformed. my car is black in colour.

How much will the repair cost be?

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  • 1 十年前

    Head Lamp Unit (Original) - HK$2500 (approx)

    Fog Light (Original) - HK$700

    Front Hood Cover - remove, repair, sand, paint, clear coat - HK$7000 to $8000

    Side Fender - remove, repair, sand, paint, apply clear coat - HK$3000

    Front Bumper - remove, repair, replace molding (the black strip) - HK$1500

    All prices are approx., depends on workmanship and quality. I end up reported to my insurance coz it is too costly for me to pay....


    sorry to hear that. I hope you can find a cheaper body shop. But my mechanic's work was so good and none of my friend even recognize I gone through accident (I hit a light post at a rainy night)

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    about HK$5,000-6,000. if i can see the picture, estimation can be more accurate.