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what is localization??

what is localization??

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    What is localization??

    Localization is the term used when a product is introduced to another country. It is not simply a case of translating instructions and text on packaging into the language of the intended country; it is a way of marketing the product to the target audience of the country. Localization integrates the product into the both the language and the culture of the intended country.

    If localization has been successfully implemented, then a Swiss or French purchaser will now own a product that they will perceive as having been developed and produced in their own country. The product may have originated and been exported from America, but the foreign purchaser will assume that it is a product of their own country. Localization is a tool that helps in the sale of the product.

    A product must be highly attuned to the expectations of the target audience and those who influence that audience. To be successful, localization must pay particular attention to the age-range, language, and sub-culture of the audience, and to the nature of the product itself. There are numerous factors to consider for successful localization.

    One of the most important people to have on board in the localization process is the linguist. This person should be a current native speaker of the intended country and a regional expert of that country. He or she must be aware of linguistic idiosyncrasies and cultural differences that might effect the localization process. For example, does the intended country have humor that is language specific? Are there any forbidden subjects regarding sex and violence which may come into play when marketing computer games? The linguist should be aware of all these factors and know how to deal with them accordingly.

    An expert product manager is also a must-have. He or she needs to know the product and industry inside out. This person should have expert judgement in what will work regarding localization of the product to a particular country, and how best to use the company’s resources to achieve this.

    There should also be experts on hand to advise on the differences in technical specifications from country to country. A computer game’s key controls, passwords, and so on will have to be localized to the particular country it is intended for. Also, do not forget that the European electricity plug points system is different from the American system.

    Localization cannot be left to chance. Only a bank of specialized staff can implement a successful localization strategy. You can change a hundred things about the product, but there may still be one simple thing you have forgotten. Delays and mistakes are not just financially costly; they could ruin a company’s reputation.

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  • Jerry
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    Localization or localisation can mean any of the following:

    Generally, localization is the determination of the locality (position) of an object.

    Often, localization is the adaptation of an object to a locality. An example is in software localization, where the messages that a program presents to a user need to be translated into various languages. Language localization refers to the process of adapting a language for a specific country or region. Main article: Internationalization and localization

    In economics, localization is a way to adapt products for non-native environments.

    In telecommunications, localization is a technique for determining the location of a user of a GSM cell phone.

    In mathematics, localization is a certain technique in abstract algebra; see also localization of a module, localization of a category.

    In acoustics, sound localization describes how our ears find the direction of a sound source.

    In web design and software, localization refers to the adaptation of language, content and design to reflect local cultural sensitivities.

    In condensed matter physics, localization is the spatial confinement of particles in a structure.

    In plasticity mechanics, localization refers to the concentration of strain deformation in the material as thin bands

    In biology, localization of function refers to when different parts of an organ, tissue, cell, or other unit perform different tasks. It most often refers to localization of brain function.

    In robotics, localization refers to the technique through which a robot can determine or update its location through analysis of sensor data. This is often done using sonar or by means of a laser range-finder.

    Because in British English this term can also be spelled "localisation", the word is occasionally abbreviated as "l10n" (the number ten between the letters l and n) because there are ten letters between its first and the last letters. This is often done in software engineering to avoid confusion over spelling of the term.

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