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An embryo will implant into the lining of the uterus. Explain the importance of implantation.

(Answer in English, and better to answer completely and clearly. Thanks a lot for your help.)

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    implantation have the following functions

    (i)it can make the fusion of gametes to carry out mitosis so that zygote is formed.

    (ii)The implantation provides a place called placenta for the zygote to grow into foetus.

    (iii)One implantation occurs, the level of progesterone and oestrogen is still high so that the gonadotropin such as follicle stimulating hormone,FSH and luteinizing hormone,LH are inhibited. Hence no menstruation occurs. This means that the foetus can grow continuously.

    (iv)The placenta provides nutrients for the foetus to grow and also remove the wastes such as CO2 from it.

    (v)The placenta formed from implantation give chronic villi which increases the surface area for material to exchange.

    (iv)The placenta blocks any harmful substance such as virus and hormone reaching the foetus. However rubella can pass through it easily.

    I hope my writting can help you.