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Ass:.managers should prepare in the next five years...

plz give suggestion for this Questions:

Managers in the future will be managing in an ever changing environment. What changes do you believe managers should prepare themselves for in the next five years?

Own ideas:

discuss the insurances industry, GD? other suggestions?

Managers face:

global warming

aging problems


"十一五"not very clear what it is, might useful for the essay?!

China WTO

any other good commends help me to write a good essay ??


Any good theories can be use in this articles?

更新 2:

thx for ansing me question,

a) I want to discuss focus "insurance industry", that's why i want to discuss one of the problems of global warming and aging problems that may influence the manager in insurance industry in the long term.

更新 3:


b) focus either on the macro environmental or micro factors, or both?.

SWOT and PEST, enough?

c) how to structure better framework of articles

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  • 1 十年前

    In business studies, ever changing environment means economic and business environment continuously changing thus competition is , here should not be relating to CHANGE OF CLIMATE--global warming or other geographical events

    Business manager should learn about changing theory leading to organizational learning- all staff endless learning for TQM not only coming five years, but forever

    Read my article written in last Oct, you may get some insights about

    Laziness and complacency are the common characteristics of human. All of us would like enjoy status quo that we do not devote our energy for improvement of ourselves and our organization; we do not see or do not feel any others threatening to our opportunity, our work, life and living. Or we may select what we do not want to see its happening but in fact they are really happening. However, the world is changing rapidly in many ways such as the macro environment such as P.E.S.T.D.G., and the competitive environment such as the five forces since the early of 1990s. Our rivals, customers and suppliers are all becoming knowledgeable and they are well informed with mass information due to economic globalization and internet facilitation.

    If you do not change that will loss and being out of competition. Management must present the threats and shall encourage learning and changing culture in organization for continuous improvement to sustain its competitive for ever.

    Learning culture must lead and support by management with resources spanning from top to each employee organization wide.

    No Learning means No Changing, and No Changing means Loss, this message must be present to employees in the organization and this culture must be enduring!

    D= demongraphic forces--ageing population and living longer, small families, well educated

    G= global force==globalization

    資料來源: own article
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  • ?
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    1 十年前

    Managers should concern the follows:

    1. Society, eg. aging problem

    2. Technology, eg. Biotechnology

    3. Economics, eg. Knowledge economics

    4. Environment, eg. greenhouse effect

    5. Political, eg. the development of one country two systems in China

    6. Law, eg. Intelligent Property Law

    7. Education, eg. 3+3+4 years system in Hong Kong

    (Not in the order of priority)

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