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A biology question.

The child often eats milk chocolate as a snack.

Explain how it may contribute to his weight problem?

Milk chocolate contains 50% carbohydrate, 35% fat 10% protein and 5% other substances.



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    As the body weight increases,more bone will grow out so as to support his body. This means that more calcium phosphate are find in bone. Hence he is not likely to suffer from osteoosteoporosis骨質疏鬆.

    As child is at his growing stage, this means that he needs more energy for his to grow. Besides he is small in size, this means that the surface area to volume ratio is large. The chocolate provide enough energy to compensate the loss.

    As child is at his growing stage, his needs more fat for the production of nerve so that his nervous system can be healthy developed.(Fat is used to make the myelin sheath of the nerve).


    As fat can be classified into HDL and LDL which is a kind of cholesterol

    LDL = low density lilipoprotein causes myocardial infraction & arteriosclerosis

    HDL = high density lilipoprotein doesn't cause such diseases.

    HDL is good for him while LDL is bad for him.

    If LDL level rise, he is lilkely to suffer from myocardial infraction 心臟病, arteriosclerosis動脈硬化 AND heart failure due to the development of hypertension. Hypertension makes the heart to have more workload so that the heart can collapse one day after hypertension exists for a long time.

    Arteriosclerosis causes hypertension which may have a bad effect on our kidney. Since hypertension makes the glomerulus inside the kidney to degenerate and finally kidney failure occurs.

    Besides, more about 80% fat people will suffer from non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM). This disease is caused by obesity (過胖),

    Although insulin is produced form the islets of langerhans located in pancreas, it can't cope with the needs. This means that the blood glucose level is still so high that some of the glucose in the blood can't be converted to glycogen due to the shortage of insulin.

    As a result, diabetes occurs. You can imagine that your salary is $10000 per month, it is enough for you to spend. However if your family has 10 people, each of them can get enough money to spend. This situation is the same as that of NIDDM.

    I hope my knowledge can help you.

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    不過食得多份量,會做成energy intake多於energy comsumption,多餘的能量會變成fat和glycerol,做成增重

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    我相信contibute係指令weight problem更加worse的影響



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