Land Economy in Cambridge(20 marks urgent)

I am currently applying for a MSc course in Cambridge University called Land Economy (Apparently the easiest subject to get in at Cambridge =)) therefore I am not really sure what it is about. The prospectus gives me a brief idea but am looking for more detailed explanation from people who've been there or experts in this field (I assume it's related to real estates?) so can anyone help me out here so I can get a better idea? Chinese and English welcomed. Thank you very very much.


Thanks for your rather "meaningful" answer to my question. But at the very least, I am bothered to ask about it before my application. Thank you very much but such answers like yours is not needed.

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    Hi just to make sure - is it the MSc or the MPhil you are after? I presume you know the difference right?

    I am no expert in Land Economy but i'd recommend this website -

    It gives you a brief idea of wat land economy is about.

    Also check out this document - .

    Its the course handbook for MSc Land Economy in Aberdeen Uni, guess it will be more or less the same as the Cambridge one.

    I am afraid i can help much, but at least i tried hehe... ^_^ This isnt a good place to ask such specific question, try the UK version of Yahoo knowledge u may get better answers there.

    Good luck, hope this helps :)