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若A因病去世(一年多)沒有遺孀!也沒立遺囑!孩子有四名子女大小順序 :女(户藉廣州)~仔~女~仔!A去世前和排第二的兒子開設聯名户口(有可觀財產)!那聯名户口內的錢是歸全部子女分發!還是全歸排第二的兒子所有?令外A的私人户口內的金錢也是子女分發嗎?(除大女户藉為廣州其他子女是香港人~A也是香港人)請詳細回答

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  • 1 十年前

    Assume A dies in HK (I am not too sure about the Chinese rule)

    According HK Law, if A dies 沒有遺孀!也沒立遺囑, his asset will be distributed equally among his sons and daughters.

    For A去世前和排第二的兒子開設聯名户口的錢 (assumes A's signature is need to withdraw money, upon the death of A, the account is frozen, otherwise if second son's is able to take money out on his own, he would have taken money out asap) The second son would have the title to the money(account). However, the other daughters and sons may argue the second son is the trustee (受託管理人)of the money, i.e. without the authority to use the money . Thus the benefit of the money belongs to all 4 people, i.e. the money belongs the 4 people.

    For A的私人户口內的金錢, easy, belongs to 4 people.

    資料來源: better seek formal legal advice
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