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慧燕 發問於 體育其他 - 運動 · 1 十年前

You think2008北京奧運女排what國家會win???Why???

You think2008北京奧運女排what國家會win???WHY????

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  • 1 十年前


    As there are several powerful players inside Russia national team. Gamova and Merkulova has a height of 202 cm. they are the tallest female players in the whole volleyball platform. the blockers can seldom touch the ball when they spikes, and this is the biggest advantage in volleyball because the ball can go to the back quickly, and no one can dig the ball in time. Also the powerful spiker Godina goes back to the team and since then there are two powerful spikers in the 4th position. As the setter is improving the skills, different kinds of attack can be used. Also the best in the team Sokolova can spike anywhere, the percentage of attack will be very high.

    In the world championship in 2006, the Russians has already got the first, but this is not the top of them, they still have things to improve. so i hope that Russian team will be so powerful that no team can beat over it.

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  • 1 十年前

    中國,有主場之利,雖然俄羅斯都唔差,但係我都係認為中國sure win!

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