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    February 14, 2004. Valentines Day. In an US controlled area in Iraq, a one hundred year-old building stood aground. It was used as a library some fifty-years ago until recently when the new public library nearby commenced its operation. The architecture was transformed by the US military to become one of the largest frontline military hospital since their presence in Iraq, treated the wounded. Dr. Liza Welsh was stationed here. Dr. Welsh was a physician, and back at home she was taking care of terminally ill cancer patients before coming here, which she later recall to be -- Hell on Earth. She had no idea the intensity and dramatism that will unfold when an injured soldier was sent in for her care.

    She held her cup of coffee staring at her blood-stained boots still not yet recovered from her traumatic experience the night before when she lost 3 of her patients, victims of reckless bombing of her countries' enemy. Medics there wore dusky red boots, and they are trophies and manifestation of their efforts in saving their countrymen from the hazards of war. They succeeded at times, yet failed at others, nonetheless they offered hope to those warrior at the frontline.

    A minute passed, and the siren rang. Another causalty arriving from the helipad. Soldiers in mild condition usually arrives in humviees, but Dr. Welsh knew, the helipad meant catastrophe.

    Inside the OR, or operating room, she saw a soldier in burnt clothing. Nurse started to scissor away what remains of the uniform. To Welsh surprise, the victim was a women, with severe trauma to her face, anterior chest, as well as her left leg. In fact, her left leg was hanging to her body by unrecognizable flesh. Welsh felt for a carotid pulse. No pulse. A nurse jumped onto her chest and start pounding --- CPR. Still no pulse. Dr. Welsh not hesitantly pulled out a cart of drugs and started ordering them to be adminstered. Adrenaline, Atropine, Lidocaine, whatever they got, she injected. Five minute went by, still no signs of life. She had been dead for too long, she thought, and ready to give up. Sudden she felt her pulse. The very first sign of life. Further efforts to save this women was successful, and this day Dr. Welsh saved yet another life.

    After the battle at the OR, she accompanied the patient to her bed, seeing her husband at bedside. She was full of sorrows because the husband seem depressed, but she was happy that she did not have to say -- your wife did not make it -- on a Valentine Day.

    After the incident on Valentine's Day, Dr. Welsh went on to perform her duties as spectacularly as any medics could have done. And before the war ends, there was already a saying that --- If you come in dead, you want Welsh at the table.

    Returning to heaven, or home, after a year of duty, she could never be able to do what she did in Iraq, but Dr. Welsh would never forget her experience in Hell on Earth.


    This story is fictional!!!!!!!!

    資料來源: stawong1214 idea comes from TIME on a coverage of Iraq.
  • 1 十年前

    2004 年2月14 日。情人節。在美國控制區域在伊拉克, 一百年大廈站立了擱淺。它近來被使用了作為圖書館不少五十年前當新公立圖書館附近開始了它的操作。建築學由美國軍事變換成為一個最大的前線軍事醫院從他們的存在在伊拉克, 對待受傷。Liza 威爾士博士這裡駐防。威爾士博士是醫師, 並且後面她在家照顧terminally.ill 癌症患者在來之前這裡, 她以後召回是-- 人間地獄。她沒有想法將展開的強度和dramatism 當一位被傷害的戰士被送了為她的關心。 她拿著她的咖啡凝望她血汙的起動從她的創傷經驗以前不仍然恢復夜當她失去了3 她的患者, 她的countries' 魯莽的轟炸的受害者; 敵人。軍醫那裡穿了暗淡的紅色起動, 並且他們是他們的努力的戰利品和顯示在保存他們的鄉民從戰爭危險。他們成功時常, 無法在其他方面, 仍然他們為那些提供了希望戰士在前線。 一分鐘通過了, 並且警報器敲響了。其它causalty 到達從停機坪。戰士在溫和條件通常到達在humviees, 但威爾士博士知道, 停機坪意味的浩劫。 在或, 或運行的室, 她裡面看見了一位戰士在被燒的衣物裡。護士開始scissor 什麼保留制服。對於威爾士意外, 受害者是婦女, 以嚴厲精神創傷對她的面孔, 先前胸口, 並且她的左腿。實際上, 她的左腿垂懸對她的身體由無法認出的骨肉。威爾士感覺為頸動脈脈衝。沒有脈衝。護士跳她的胸口和起動打碎--- CPR 。仍然沒有脈衝。威爾士博士被拔出藥物推車和不猶豫地開始下令他們是adminstered 。腎上腺素, Atropine, Lidocaine, 什麼他們得到了, 她注射了。五分鐘流失, 仍然沒有生活的標誌。她是死的為太長期, 她認為, 和準備放棄。突然她感覺她的脈衝。生活的首先標誌。進一步努力保存這婦女是成功的, 並且這位天博士威爾士拯救了另外生命。 在爭鬥以後在或, 她伴隨患者對她的床, 看見她的丈夫在床邊。她是充分的哀痛因為丈夫似乎壓下, 但她愉快她沒有必須說-- 您的妻子沒有做它-- 在一情人節。 在事件以後在Valentine's 天, 威爾士博士一樣壯觀地盡她的職責像任何軍醫能做了。並且在戰爭之前已經結束, 那裡是的說法--- 如果您進來死者, 您想要威爾士在桌。 返回到天堂, 或在家, 在一年義務以後, 她能從未能做什麼她做了在伊拉克, 但威爾士博士從未會忘記她的經驗在人間地獄。

  • My smart Dog

    Dogs are smart. Many dog's owner would train their dogs to do different tricks,

    like train them to sit, stand, shake hands…etc.

    Training dogs is really an education for the dogs and owners in how to teach the dog to live in harmony with humans. Moreover training will add variety to the dog's life and help to prevent boredom.

    I have a dog called Chin. It is a smart dog too. Do you want to know how smart it is?

    Last Sunday, I tried to train Chin to do an unusual trick, fetched slippers to each of our family members. I gave Chin to smell my slipper, my mum’s slipper and my dad’s slipper. It was very clever because it could distinguish which slippers belonged to. “Chin, go and give this slipper to mum.” I said. Then it fetched the slippers to mum. “Time passed through quickly. It times to sleep.” I thought.

    On the next day, I returned home from school as usual. Chin was very smart because it fetched me my slippers. In order that, I give Chin a biscuit as a reward. Then I went back my room and started to do homework. When I was doing homework, I noticed that Chin was in and out of room for many times.

    “That must be something wrong.” I thought. I turned round and saw what happened. “Oh my dear, there is a hill of slippers!” I shouted. Beside the “hill”, Chin was wagging and looking at me. I knew that it wanted to eat biscuit and I gave it a packet.

    At night, Chin didn't eat its dinner anymore because it felt so full.

    Why? Because of the packet of biscuit.

    After that day, I think Chin is the smartest dog in the world. Do you agree?

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    this is a good story

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    have many :http://hk.knowledge.yahoo.com/question/?qid=700612...