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I'm currently in Toronto. Now I have two U to choose to study my master degree.

1) University of Toronto (1 year program)

2) Chinese University of Hong Kong (2 years)

If I want to find job in Hong Kong after. Which U should I choose? Does the "name" of university make a big difference in job hunting???

Personally I like HK more than Toronto. My husband is in HK. But HK would take me an extra year to finish the program. I'm having problem choosing between the two.

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  • 1 十年前

    Actaully, it depends on what subject are you going to take in Master.

    From my opinion, employer in HK are more prefer candidates who study from oversea, coz the general comments of local University students keep dropping every year. Even for the student from top Uni in HK also have the same problem.

    If you were studying in oversea, even you were not from famous Uni, also easlier to get a job in HK than those studied in HK uni. And what you choose now is Uni of Toronto, which is quite famous in HK, so it will be very easy to get a job here.

    In addition, the master program is shorten in Canada, you finish it earlier, then can get back to work earlier.

    I also finished my master program within 1 year in AUS. Time is a very important element when you make the decision. In HK, it's hard to have any master progame can be finished in 1 year. And I feel the program design in HK is not so good and flexible.

    Hope my opinion can help ya.

    Good Luck.

    資料來源: Myself, I was study in Australia, a not really famous Uni, but quite easy to get a job in HK.