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Ken 發問於 社會及文化宗教及靈性 · 1 十年前

什麼是Yamin Rahim?


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    1 十年前

    Yamin Rahim = Allah (Arabic: allah)


    99 names of God

    The Arabic word for "God", used in Islam and Christianity.

    The term "Allah" comes from the Arabic "al-Lah", that can be translated with "the god". In pre-Islamic times, in the polytheistic religion of Mecca, there was a god that was called by this name. Al-Lah was probably considered as the highest god, but not an acting power, and therefore rarely focused on in rituals. While Islam rejects the other deities, al-Lah is described as the one eternal, omnipotent god. "Allah" is therefore not a proper name, and also Arabic Christians use "Allah" in their Arabic Bible.

    In Islam there are 99 names of God, but these are also not to be considered as proper names — the idea of actually naming God for Muslims, will be regarded as a way of reducing God into a human framework. The high number of names must be understood as an expression of the incapacity of man to grasp the total nature of God. Most common of the 99 names are ar-Rahman, the Merciful, and ar-Rahim, the Compassionate.

    R-Ḥ-M (ر ح م) is the triconsonantal root of many Arabic words, and many of those words are used as names.

    The Arab Stems

    rahima — "to have mercy"

    rahhama — "to feel sympathy"

    tarahhama — "to feel sympathy; to regret"

    taraahma — "to be nice to each other"

    istirhama — "to beg for mercy"


    Rahman — "great mercy" [1] or "almighty" [2]

    Rahim — "continuous mercy"

    Abd-ur-Rahman — "servant of the Most Merciful"


    Rahm — "womb/place of origin"

    Rahmat — "mercy"

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    THE 99 names of God

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