An Interesting story

我要作一個好有趣的故事,要用英文,簡單Thx —至少2分鐘

I need to write an interesting story, please help me. The story must be simple and interesting.I need to say by about 2 minus

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    Little John is a lovely six years old boy, all his friends call him LJ. LJ had a very fantastic dream last night which he never want to share with others.

    Last night, in his dream, he was a pirate with a beautiful parrot stands on his shoulder, he wore a capital hat, pirate suit, long boots, and a long sword and a hand gun hung on his bell, which looked like Capital Jack Sparrow, very handsome and smart. He was standing at the front of the pirate ship, looking at his target not far away through his binoculars. He smiles, he was ready to hunt for his treasures, he pulled out his sword, pointed to his target and cried "ATTACK", all his men shouted and ready to go.

    Suddenly, the pirate ship shook crazily, seems crashed by something and stop moving, LJ shouted and call for his men, he wanted to know what's happening. However, no one answering him. He was angry, and he looked around to see what's going on. At this moment, he shocked, All his men was gone, no one on the ship except him, his target was disappeared, and the sky turned dark quickly, heavy rain and thunder storm came together, the ship kept shaking, so LJ can not stay still. Suddenly, the ship started to sank, and he remembered that he doesn't know how to swim, the water came instantly, his legs were stood in the water, but the water was keep coming and seem never want to stop, LJ was scared, he try to climb on the mast, but he can not move, there is something grabbed his legs under the water. He tried to struggle but it doesn't work. The water is up to his face now, and he nearly can not breath. He yelled "HELP ME" and suddenly he woke and he found out that he wet his bed again.