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Is this sentences correct?


The problem is ever can be settled.

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    應是 The problem can never be settled。

    The problem can never be settled without an end to denial on this point. Don't blame anybody else for this. ... message_list.asp?pageID=26&discussionID=369238&messages_per_page=4 - 28k -


    The problem will never be settled。

    The problem will never be settled, nor will peace be achieved! Human logic, reasoning, or world events, (past or present), will not change what G-d ordained!! Continuing on, who claims complete ownership to all of this land, ... - 33k

    will , can 這些輔助動詞要放在主要動詞之前,這裏是被動,所以要加 BE, 後面用 PAST PARTICPLE 作為被動式。NEVER 要放在中間。

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    EVER 是會否,NEVER 才是永遠不能。

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    下面有位說 SETTLE 不對,建議用 SOLVE。其實兩者都可,但意思有分別。SETTLE 有解決(問題等);結束(爭端,糾紛等) 意思,而 SOLVE 只是解決,沒有調停糾紛的意思。所以要看你想說的是甚麼問題。約有943項符合"settle a problem"的查詢結果約有1,150,000項符合"solve a problem" 的查詢結果

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    It is wrong because :

    1) Verb to be 的 'is' 不能和 'can' 一起用

    2) 'Ever' 通常用在問題中,例如:Can the problem ever be.......?

    Have you ever been to Hong Kong?

    3) 用 'settled'這字不適當。

    正確的應是: The problem can never be solved.


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    有 is 就冇 can


    The problem can ever be settled.