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Account executive in 4A agency

What are the job duties of an Account Executive in a 4A Ads Agency??

Any exapmles for the knowledge of Production??


What is the salary range of an Account Executive??

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  • 1 十年前

    An AE is bascially the most junior staff in an account servicing team. This person is most of the time assisting the account managers/account director in servicing the agency's clients. Of course, there will be a lot of donkey works like helping your senior to fax/email doc or drafting these doc; taking minutes, completing contact report etc...

    The Account Servicing team is like a bridge between your creative Dept/media dept and the client. You get a brief from your client and you relay that precisely to your creative/media team. And from them you get the media plan, layout, story board etc and you are suppose the one who sell them to client...(Though in reality, creative guys will join you for important meetings)

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