How the Minority Report relates to business and education?


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    Minority Report is set in Washington, D.C. during the year 2054. Thanks to three psychic "pre-cogs" and technology built around their ability to see murders before they happen, the city has gone six years without a homicide. The group making use of the pre-cogs is called the "Department of Pre-Crime"; the police officers and detectives within the department are empowered to act on their foreknowledge, arresting people who are about to commit a murder, and imprisoning them without a trial in a "Hall of Containment" using technology even more cruel than that used to make use of the precogs. The department chief John Anderton is played by Cruise, with von Sydow playing his boss Lamar Burgess. Morton plays the senior pre-cog, nicknamed Agatha (after Agatha Christie; the nicknames of the other two, Dashiell and Arthur, are also references to crime fiction authors).



    Danny Witwer (played by Colin Farrell) looks down on the pre-cogs in their holding tank.

    The film opens as Anderton and his team are in the midst of tracking down and apprehending a middle class husband/father who has been tagged by the pre-cogs for murdering his wife and her lover - an event to take place 20 minutes after the pre-cogs alert the team. In this sequence, it is revealed that the pre-cogs only relate the time/date of the murder, the murderer's name (in this case Howard Marks), and the victim's name (in this case Sarah Marks and Donald Dubin). All other facts of the crime can only be ascertained by clues given by the various images relayed around the time of murder. Images transfer from the pre-cogs' minds to a computer display, and then Anderton manipulates the images in a sort of virtual reality interface to better determine how the murders might or will happen.

    The country is about to vote on expanding the Pre-Crime program nationally, which brings in the Department of Justice. Colin Farrell plays an observer from that department, Danny Witwer, whose concerns about pre-crime could be motivated as much by a desire to advance his own career as from doubt about the constitutionality and absolute certainty of the pre-crime process and the people who run it. Witwer learns about the system during the 20 minutes that Anderton tries to figure out the location of the pending murder.

    After Anderton's team successfully apprehends Marks before he can commit the murder, we skip to the end of the day, in a section of D.C. known as the Sprawl. He is jogging on a street when he is called to a dark alley. Anderton meets a strange man (named Lycon) who ends up selling him dope. Anderton then takes a modern transport to his apartment in one of the many high-rises that encompass D.C. in 2054. Within his apartment, Anderton watches home movies of his six-year old son. It becomes evident that he lost his son, and that he is now divorced.

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