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    The problem can be located in your 女朋友.

    But set that aside now...

    You should learn to be less selfish ...

    keep a mind set to please your GF, but not to put TOO MUCH pressure on yourself.

    Get the help of some toys, some nice foreplay and romantic dinner or

    a nice romatic movie ...

    foreplay should include passionate kissing or body touching on both side,

    and private area playing can be also helpful.

    use your hands, fingers and tongue to tickle her body parts ...

    and make her get into the mood for sex ...

    calm down and relax and make sure your JJ is erect enough and her sister

    is wet enough then you do your performance ...

    say something sweet and nice to her during the whole session,

    and make sure to hug her after the session and stay for another 15 minutes,

    very important ... since most ladies like that 15 minutes stay ...

    ( I am talking your wife or gf, not hookers of course.)

    keep on kissing her and say something nice and go to the bathroom

    to clean up together should be the best ending after the 15 minutes ...

    good luck


  • 1 十年前

    你可以每次食一粒偉哥, 包你夠勁夠爽!!