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請問fresh graudate想apply fund house有咩post可以apply?

請問fresh graudate想apply fund house有咩post可以apply?

有無咩fund house公司有請開fresh graduate?

1 個解答

  • 1 十年前

    It really depends what qualifications you have.

    There are two types of Funds, Hedge funds and Mutual Funds.

    I don't exactly know how mutual funds work. I am currently working in a hedge fund.

    There are around 200 hedge funds in Hong Kong. I suppose my Hedge Fund is very big indeed and we are having 10 people in the company, most of them are ex-ibankers with many years of experience.

    As for Hedge Funds, there are a few types too. One type is hedge fund ( I don't know how they call it) and the other type is fund of fund. The fund of fund company usually looks for companies to invest. The hedge fund usually invests and trades with the Investment Banks directly.

    Potential post: back office/accounting, marketing, programmer, trader, administration assistant, etc.