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請幫我作一首 English Poem , 是關迂i am like a ...........




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    [ I am like a slip of comet ]

    I am like a slip of comet,

    Scarce worth discovery, in some corner seen

    Bridging the slender difference of two stars,

    Come out of space, or suddenly engender'd

    By heady elements, for no man knows;

    But when she sights the sun she grows and sizes

    And spins her skirts out, while her central star

    Shakes its cocooning mists; and so she comes

    To fields of light; millions of travelling rays

    Pierce her; she hangs upon the flame-cased sun,

    And sucks the light as full as Gideons's fleece:

    But then her tether calls her; she falls off,

    And as she dwindles shreds her smock of gold

    Between the sistering planets, till she comes

    To single Saturn, last and solitary;

    And then she goes out into the cavernous dark.

    So I go out: my little sweet is done:

    I have drawn heat from this contagious sun:

    To not ungentle death now forth I run.



    I am like a remnant of a cloud of autumn uselessly roaming in the sky,

    O my sun ever-glorious! Thy touch has not yet melted my vapour, making

    me one with thy light, and thus I count months and years separated

    from thee.

    If this be thy wish and if this be thy play, then take this fleeting

    emptiness of mine, paint it with colours, gild it with gold, float it

    on the wanton wind and spread it in varied wonders.

    And again when it shall be thy wish to end this play at night, I shall

    melt and vanish away in the dark, or it may be in a smile of the white

    morning, in a coolness of purity transparent.