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pls help to translate to english, urgent, thank you!!!!!

關於16/2的1x20'的裝櫃問題,請通知shipper準時交貨到我倉,因為由於是日是假期前夕,碼頭的交通會很擠塞,所以我們要準時交櫃到碼頭以免產生任何問題, 謝謝!

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    Regarding the issue of loading up the container of 1' x 20' on 16th of January,


    please inform the shippers to deliver the goods to our warehouse punctually.


    It is because today is the holiday eve and the traffic in the Container Terminal will be very congested.

    所以我們要準時交櫃到碼頭以免產生任何問題, 謝謝!

    Therefore we have to deliver the container to the terminal on time in order to avoid any problems arised. Thank you for your attention.

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    About 16/2 1x20'di installs the cabinet question,Please inform shipper to deliver punctually my warehouse,Because because is the date is the vacation eve,The wharf transportation can pack very much,Therefore we must hand over the cabinet punctually to the wharf in order to avoid has any question, Thanks!