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What is the important of statistic? 急用!THZ*


What is the important of statistic?

急用! 感激=)



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可唔可以detail d -3-!

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  • Jerry
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    1 十年前

    Importance of Statistical Training

    Statistics is the science of collecting, organizing, and interpreting numerical facts which we call data. Data bombards us in everyday life. Most of us associate statistics with the bits of data that appear in news reports: baseball batting averages, imported car sales, the latest poll of the president's popularity, and the average high temperature for today. Advertisements often claim that data show the superiority of the advertiser's product. All sides in public debates about economics, education, and social policy argue from data. Yet the usefulness of statistics goes far beyond these everyday examples.

    The study and collection of data are important in the work of many professions, so that training in the science of statistics is valuable preparation for a variety of careers. Each month, for example, government statistical offices release the latest numerical information on unemployment and inflation. Economists and financial advisors as well as policy makers in government and business study these data to make informed decisions. Doctors must understand the origin and trustworthiness of the data that appear in medical journals if they are to offer their patients the most effective treatment. Politicians rely on data from polls of public opinion. Market research data that reveal consumer tastes influence business decisions. Farmers study data from field trials of new crop varieties. Engineers gather data on the quality and reliability of manufactured products. Most areas of academic study make use of numbers, and therefore also make use of the method of statistics.

    The influential National Science Board has suggested that "elementary statistics and probability should now be considered fundamental for all high school students." (As quoted in BBN Laboratories Incorporated Report No. 6447, January 1987. p. 1).

    Statistics students learn to define problems, to think critically, to analyze and to synthesize which prepares them to explore widely throughout their professional lives, and to be creative and productive citizens -- regardless of the precise nature of a career. They also learn to discover the integrity of data, the uncertainty of measurements and, through these, the development of understanding for the powers and limitations of science. Moreover, students discover that there are things scientist can do and other things they cannot do and that experimental results are not exact but scientists can usually evaluate the range of uncertainty within specified confidence limits (probabilities). The development of an understanding of the powers and limitations of science is essential to rational participation in the resolution of societal issues.

    The language of statistics is a foreign language to most students. It is necessary for students to understand the language in order to understand the concepts and the statistical procedures. Learning the language of statistics provides students with insights and an awareness of ideas and thoughts beyond the realm of previous experience. Statistical language requires precision and careful attention to exactly communicate valid conclusions and interpretations which result from data analysis.

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  • 1 十年前





    2007-02-13 01:27:21 補充:

    Statistic can use sample to find the fact of population and find the pattern of the data.

    2007-02-14 01:31:54 補充:

    A statistic is the result of applying a function to a set of data.A statistic is an observable random variable, which differentiates it from a parameter, an unobservable quantity describing a property of a statistical population.

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