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[ 屈人氏 ] 既 tea tree oil 好定係 [ body shop ] 既 tea tree oil 好?

[ 屈人氏 ] Thursday Plantation Tea Tree oil

[ body shop ] Tea Tree oil

- 邊隻 tea tree oil 好 d 呢 ??

- [ body shop ] Tea Tree oil 幾錢 1 支丫 !!??

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    我試過用'body shop'既 tea tree oil , 無論係'支庄' '小瓶庄'都用過, 一句講曬'唔work'

    'body shop'係平d, 感覺又好似'天然d', 但我用過佢d護膚品多數都就係唔work lo!!so 我只買沐浴液!!

    [ 屈人氏 ] Thursday Plantation Tea Tree oil 我覺得會好d since 澳洲製造, 口碑好d!!雖然價錢好似貴d~~


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    i agree the above one is really not gd

    i also use both (bottle and stick)...

    use the whole bottle...pimples still here and not smaller...

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    Watson Thursday Plantation is actually imported from Australia. In Australia, this is quite a reputable product - reliable, good range and good value for money. Most important, the products work especially for the tea tree antiseptic and the tee tree for cold sore. Last time I used to buy the products in Singapore from the pharmacies. Now, there is no need to as they are available in Watson.

    As for body shop tea tree oil, I have tried and still prefer the thursday even though it is more expensive. Simple - it is more effective.

    Try it - you will not regret.