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Expression and Phrase

expression 同phrase 有咩分別呀?

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    phrase (片語) 一般是指兩個或以上的單字組成的有意義的部分. 例如:

    All of them go to school in the morning. 共分為三個 phrases.

    expression (憤用語) 是指 (特別的) 表達方式/用語. 字典例句如下:

    He uses a lot of unusual expressions.

    'A can of worms' is an expression which means 'a difficult situation'.

    但 phrase 一字有時也是 expression 的同義詞, 請參以下字典解釋:

    phrase (EXPRESSION)

    noun [C]

    a short group of words which are often used together and have a particular meaning:

    We are governed, in Lord Hailsham's famous phrase, by an 'elective dictatorship'.

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