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幫我作篇文呀...... my favourite country(120~150words)

題目:my favourite country(寫日本)(要有120~150字嫁~~~)


-Which county is your favourite country?


-Describe the country?

-Where is it?

-What are the famons places can you find?

-(Give 3-5examples)


-What kinds of food can you eat in the country

-What kinds of souvenir can you buy there?


-When will you visit the country?

-Who will you go with? Why?(D個寫my best friend-Kathy)

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  • 1 十年前

    My favorite country is Tokyo, which is in the Japan

    Tokyo in Japan is big, full of thin beautiful Japanese girl, and some strong Japanese boys there, and Tokyo is famous for its cartoon and cartoonist, for example, there is hello kitty. Tokyo is located at Japan. Fuji Mountain, when there is snowing, the Fuji Mountain will be full of snows and we can ski there. And we can find the Tokyo Disneyland, there is full of Disney cartoon. They are lovely and very cute. And we can find hello kitty land, there are full of hello kitty photo and hello kitty's friends, i like them very much because they are extremely cute.

    We can eat Japanese noodles and sushi in Japan and of course we can eat rice there too, also we can eat the famous food in Japan-sashimi, which tastes good, delicious! We can buy a lot of cartoon souvenir for our teenager friends; I think they will like it.

    I will visit Tokyo when it is summer holiday, and i will go with my friend Kathy because she is my best friend and I didn’t go on a trip with her too.

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