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Anyone can install 廣東話輸入法 for Win Vista?

我INSTALL唔到, copy 咗 uniime.dll 去 system32, 然後run uimetool.exe, 去到最尾都係話windows/system32/canton.IME有問題.

可唔可以簡單講講個step比我知? Thanks!


I used to use a TXT files to generate the cantonese input method in Win XP using 通用輸入法program. However, this program does not exist in Windows Vista. Then I tried to copy this program from XP and run in Vista. However, it still cannot successfully create the input method.

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  • 1 十年前

    Copy the following files from XP to the following directories :

    C:\Program Files\Windows NT\Accessories\uimetool.exe



    MOST IMPORTANT : After copying, find and right click the Uimetool.exe and run as "administrator" or "以系統管理員身份執行”to instal the programme.

    Hope this help!

  • 1 十年前

    what do you mean by 廣東話輸入法? can you explain more? like what kind of 廣東話輸入法 you want? 速成? 倉頡? if you want 倉頡 or 速成, just go to control panel and choose regional and language options. Move to the languages tab, choose details at the top. Choose add > chinese(taiwan) > move down > choose quick. That's about it, if you don't want these types of answer, just edit your question and tell me what do you want. ^.^