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可吾可以幫我轉成英文?  10分


我今日要介紹這本書叫>brothers in Egypt

brothers in Egypt<大約是說moses是一位王子o





最後moses 發覺自己有了神得力量o


而我覺得最有趣私地方是moses 和rameses一起用馬來賽車o



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    Good Morning Miss/Mr (your teacher's name) and class.

    the book i am going to present to you today is "Brothers in Egypt".

    "Brother in Egypt" is a story about a prince called "Moses",

    Him and Prince Raneses are good friend, and they used to play together.

    however, one day Moses found out that he is not a prince and his identity is one of the slave.

    As soon as he learnt this truth, he decide to help the slaves to release their freedom by using the power that is being given from god.

    I think the most interesting part is, when Moses was horsing racing with Rameses, and Moses' courage and being generous is remarkable and these are what we should learn from him.

    My presentation is over, Thank you for your listening.

    hope this can help you ^^

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    Good morning teachers and classmates.

    Today I'm going to introduce the book "Brothers in Egypt".

    This book is about: Moses was a prince

    He and the Prince Rameses were good friends, they always spent time together.

    But soon, Moses found out that he wasn't a prince at all,

    And was in the same tribe as the slaves.

    He decided to help them by setting them free.

    At last, Moses realized that he had been given God's power.

    He used the power to help people from his own tribe.

    I find the part when Moses and Rameses horse rode together.

    We should learn from Moses' courage and generosity.

    This is the end of my presentation, thank you!

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    Good morning,everyone

    Today I'm going to introduce a book called Brothers In Egypt.

    It's about a prince called Moses.

    He got a best friend called Rameses, and he was a prince,too.But no longer Moses found that he was in the same tribes with slaves,so he want to help them and set them free.A last he found he have some mystery power,he use the power to save his tribes's life.

    When Moses and Rameses were riding on the horse to have a race was the most interest part in the book, and also i thought Moses was very brave,unselfishly we need to learn those spirit.

    That's all what I want to say!Thank you.


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    Fellow teachers, the schoolmate morning o I today must introduce this book calls > Brothers in Egypt

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