Introduce ONE of the most populer/famous/delicious food items from the following food types:ITALIAN,FRENCH,JAPANESE,THAI or KOREAN.

1.What is the name and origin of the food?

2.Does the name carry any special meaning?

3.Can you briefly introduce the food and its main ingrediends?

4.Is there any interesting story/history about the food?

5.How is it cooked/made?

6.How popular is it nowdays?

7.How does it took?(please provide one or two pictures.)

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    Strange that no one answer this question.

    1. Food: Korean traditional food Kimchi

    Origin: Korea

    2. Original Name chim-chae (Hangul: 침채; Hanja: 沈菜), meaning "steeped/submerged vegetable". The pronounciation changed and now it is called kimchi.

    3. In Korea, kimchi is served with most regular meals, and is also used as an ingredient in cooking, including kimchi jjigae (kimchi soup), kimchi bokkeumbap (kimchi fried rice), and other dishes.


    The basic ingredient is usually a variety of Chinese cabbage called napa cabbage (배추, baechu) and/or white radish (무, mu), seasoned with chili pepper (빨간고추, ppalgangochu), garlic, scallion, ginger, salt, and sugar. Seafood-based seasoning is often added, such as oyster or anchovy-based broth (젓갈, jeotgal).

    4&5. History & how it is made :

    Early forms of kimchi consisted mainly of salted greens. Chili peppers, now a standard ingredient in kimchi, were unknown in Korea until the early 17th century, when they were introduced from Japan or China, where they had been introduced by western traders. Traditionally, kimchi was fermented in pots buried in the ground, to serve as a winter subsistence staple when fresh vegetables were not available.

    A cookbook from 1670 describes pickled mixtures of wild greens and pickled gourd melons, but makes no reference to the use of chilis. One historical record from the end of the 17th century describes eleven types of kimchi and thus kimchi utilizing red peppers would have been popularized some years after that (200 years, by one estimate). In addition, the introduction of Chinese cabbage probably did not occur until the 19th century; before that, kimchi was made from indigenous vegetables.

    6. In Korea, kimchi is served with most regular meals, and is also used as an ingredient in cooking. Kimchi is also very popular in China, Japan, and in the eastern-most regions of Russia.

    7. see Baechae Kimchi here

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