Library and Chapter (Bookstore)

Hi, I 'm from Vancouver,and there are so many libraries in Vancouver.

People can borrow books intead of buying books from bookstore.

But why still can many bookstore be opened ?

Can they gain much money ?


I mean library !

Can library gain money when people borrow books from there ?

Why don't just borrow books from library instead of buying the books?

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    eg: the book originally costs the store keeper $25 to buy.

    renting it to 5 people at $5 / week = $25

    therefore the cost is already covered

    if there are 50 people renting that book in the first year,

    then the profit = $5*50-$25

    = $225

    of course, the rent $5 also includes the bills such as electricity and rents for the shop.

    2007-02-05 09:39:34 補充:

    This is the same case in Australia.Unless these book stores don't charge you at all, then there's always a profit in it.

    2007-02-12 00:57:53 補充:

    Libraries are usually run by the country / state, therefore they do not profit by lending books. Librarians' incomes are from tax payers.As we all know, once we finish reading one book, we would only put it at the very back of the shelf (at home), or to donate it to charities.

    2007-02-12 00:58:41 補充:

    Therefore the intention of such service is to provide tax payers resources and entertainment without wasting both money and books.

    2007-02-12 00:59:05 補充:

    In addition, some text books (in regards to a profession such as accounting and medicine) are very pricey, some people cannot afford to buy them, therefore borrowing from libraries is a good way to gain knowledge without worrying about your wallet.

    2007-02-12 00:59:33 補充:

    Though libraries DO charge a fee if you return books later than the time set.And if you should lose a book that belongs to the library, you would either need to replace them, or to pay the full price of the book.

    2007-02-12 00:59:53 補充:

    Nowadays, libraries do more than just lending books! 1. running canteen / cafe2. renting videos / DVDs at a low cost3. selling old books such as fiction / non-fiction novels4. accepting donations through charities / events etc

    2007-02-12 01:01:00 補充:

    So, to your questions:YES, libraries do earn money, but it is limitedTheir aim is NOT to earn money, it is a SERVICE for public!People who want to mark their books will buy them.People who are RICH will buy books as well!!