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What are the negetive effects on using biomass fuel apart from releasing green house gases?

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    Key: cpd = compound -ve = negative

    This question must be dealt with several domains such as what have been produced and how it affects our environment and living things (人及花草或動物) when biomass fuel is used.

    The following self-made eassy is just for reference.

    (1)Electricity generation

    Affects aquatic life: During generating electricity, coal is used to heat up water so that the steam can make the turbine(渦輪) to rotate. The rotation of turbine makes generator to generate electricity. However, during this process, river or sea water must be pumped to the power plant so that the steam can be cooled down and converted to water again after its job has been done. During this process, the hot water is then release to the sea. (i)Since the higher the water temperature, the lower the amount of O2 will be dissolved into the sea. Hence aquatic organism may die of suffociation. (ii)Besides, the warmer water will make some fishes such salmon to migrate to another place. This place is then occupied by other fish. The fish community is thus affected. This may affect the food chain as well as the ecosystem in aquatic life. For example ,no salmon for other fishes to eat so that they will die of starvation.(iii)Even electrostatic preciptator( 靜電除塵器)is used by CLP中電, some coal dust may also find in our atmosphere.

    (甲)The dust will block the plants' stomata so that the photosynthetic rate decreases. (乙)Coal contains sulphur. Burning sulphur produces SO2 which dissolves in soil water making the soil acidic. The change of pH in soil affects the solubility of mineral salt in the soil. and thus affects the salt absorption by plants since the change in pH makes so mineral salt become insoluble in water.

    (丙)The acidic gases such as CO2 and SO2 dissolving in water make acid solution such as H2SO3 and H2CO3. Those solutions dissolve and destroy the mesophyll cell so that the plants die. And hence the havesting yield of crop decreases. Decrease in havesting yield make human die of starvation.

    (2)using petroleum in motor car.

    Burning petrol makes the following gases(i)Carbon monoxide which will combine with our haemoglobin(Hb) to form carboxyhamoglobin, a very stable cpd, preventing Hb to bound to O2 molecules. Finally CO poisoning occurs.(ii)NO2 and NO formed by the combustion engine which will form acid rain that affect the plants and soil as part (1)甲到丙 mentioned.(iii)photochemical smog which is formed by the influence of sunlight on , ozone, hydrocarbon,aldehyde,NO2 and PeroxyAcetyl Nitrate(PAN) form a reddish haze smog which irriate our respiratory system and our eyes(iv)hydrocarbon, a suspended particles increase our chance to suffer from lung cancer and it also trigger asthma. It also affects plants see part (1)甲到丙(v)CO2 a greenhouse gas that causes green house effect due to the trap of warm air and preventing heat energy to escape.(vi)the generation of green house gas CO2 disturb the animals biological clock so that bird won't migrate to warmer zones even winter comes. This severely affects the ecosystem. Since those predators prey on those birds in winter will not have enough food to eat and then they will die of starvation and is extincted(絕種).

    (3)problem of using up pretroleum.

    Pretrol is the raw material for drug making (pharmaceutical industry). Since drugs have so many benzenes or aliphatic structures, drugs may come from pretroleum. Without pretroleum some of the drugs may not be produced and thus no drugs will be available to treat the diseases.

    (4)pretroleum is carried by ship

    Due to this reason, oil leakage always occurs. The oil has the -ve effect on aquatic life and birds (i)the oil prevents O2 to dissolve in sea water, aquatic life such as fishes may die of lack of O2 to respirate

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    Energy cannot be used effectively. Energy efficiency is low.

    This is because the burning of biomass fuel is a very fast reaction. Energy will be released constantly in a quick manner, but we cannot use them all at once, then some will be lost to the surrounding as heat and the energy efficiency is thus low.

    Formation of land pollutants.

    After the burning of biomass fuel, some ashes will be formed, which is due to the impurities in fuel. Dumping this ashes will lead to land pollution. If these slip into water through underground water system, water will also be polluted.

    Formation of air pollutants.

    Apart from greenhouse gases(eg carbon dioxide)which will lead to global warming, some undesirable air pollutants may be formed during burning, eg sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, etc. These will lead to acid rain formation when they dissolve into rainwater.

    Acid rain will the damage some man-made structures, acidify ponds and aquatic lives, damage forest, etc.

    資料來源: Myself, PS: I just guess, they might be wrong.