Hospitality Administration/Management

who can give me details about this major?

what specific areas it works on?

how fast can have a job after graduate?

is is a difficult major or not? if so, how difficult is it?

does it works with a lot of math skills or not?

please provide as more detalis as you can. thank you.


Please answer in Chinese.

更新 2:

if you can.

更新 3:

also i am not a resident in Hong Kong. so i duno what is that HKCEE AND HKAL for? please more specific without these. and tell me how often does it need to use math.

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    Hospitality Management is about hotels, airline as I am studying now. For more details, you can go to the website of University of Chinese or Polytech University, these two universities provide the course of Hotel, Catering or Tourism which is related to Hospitality Management. If you study for hotel management, you will have opportunity for internship or placement. Therefore, it is quite funny and you can gain experience before you graduate.

    Actually, you can get a job before graduation because many companies will go to university to present and interview to employ under-graduates. Or you can choose to work in hotel or airlines, since the staff turnover is high, you can get a job easily. However, it depends on your skills, academic results, your performance during interviews, your ability, competence etc.

    It is more about the business field, international strategy as hotel chains or airlines are global, it didn't require maths skills. It is concern with a degree, therefore, it is not easy, but as long as you are hard working, you can tackle it. The most important is you work hard and get a good result in HKCEE AND HKAL, so that you can enter the university.

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