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1.AIA 香港環球嘉年華位於添馬艦廣場,鄰近金鐘地鐵站,就近添華街、龍匯道、添美道、駱克道。

2.AIA 香港環球嘉年華座落於中區,可乘搭多種交通工具前往。不論選乘地下鐵路、巴士、的士、旅遊巴士,抑或自行駕車,皆十分方便。


• 地鐵金鐘、中環、香港站,均鄰近 AIA 香港環球嘉年華,只需短距離步行,即可輕鬆投入這個世界級嘉年華會。


• 你可選乘公共巴士到 AIA 香港環球嘉年華。

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    The AIA Worldwide Carnival Hong Kong is situated at the HMS TAMMAR, right next to the Admiralty MTR Station, and close to the Tim Wah Street, Lung Wui Road, Tim Mei Road and Lockhart Road.

    The AIA Worldwide Carnival Hong Kong is situated at Central, and can be reached by many modes of transport. Getting there is easy whether you are taking the MTR, bus, taxi, coaches or driving by yourself.

    MTR Tsuen Wan, Island and Tung Chung lines:

    The MTR Admiralty, Central and Hong Kong stations are close to the AIA Worldwide Carnival, and are all within walking distance.


    You can reach the AIA Worldwide Carnival by bus.

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