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Seaway Bill和做電放的分別及選用? 船運上還有什麼的放貨方法?

本人是shipping新手, 當貨經船運走後, 一般都會以電放方式放貨 (要收電放費), 但有forwarder告之我, 可選用seaway bill (不會另收費, 只需mark在order上), 我感到很混亂, 如選用seaway bill不會再收費, 那為何要做電放? (或是每間forwarder做法都不一樣?)

麻煩知情者詳細解釋~~~~~ 同時亦想知船運上有什麼放貨方法, 請詳細解釋, 謝謝!

1 個解答

  • 1 十年前

    Before you accept shipping company to do telex release, shipping company should issue a original b/l first, then you should accept all the terms and liabilities and signed for confirmation and surrendered OBL to shipping company. Telex release then effected.

    charge you telex release fee.

    however, OBL is the conventional shipping practice for shipping companies and for banking purposes during the past. Due to IT developed, thus seaway bill has recently created to supercede the traditional document as to cater for the intercoastal countries.

    however, if the shipment is traded under L/C stipulations, OBL has to be used.